I.G.T. Umbria rosso
The aristocratic elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon combined with the authenticity of the Sangiovese in a match that is stunning for its style and depth, this wine is the fruit of an ongoing process to reach ever more convincing results in the search for a wine that will outlast fashion and market trends. But the more one seeks high level results, the less definitive any target achieved can seem. And it is precisely this infinite passion that pushes us, because it is unending, to love the work of development in the vineyard and the cellar. A synthesis if this ongoing search for ever-better results, Calanco is the mouthpiece for our passion, the spirit even of these lands and the people who live in them. A wine that is appreciated not only for what it gives but above all for what it is, a concentration of the commitment, passions and hopes of dozens of people who over time have not only contributed to its fullness and elegance but have given it a unique and rare conceptual depth. A deep ruby red with purple tints, it has scents of red fruits, redcurrants, raspberries and bilberries along with spicy and balsamic notes in the glass. The taste is intense and elegant, and the typical Cabernet spiciness becomes a gentle flavour of paprika. A smooth, mellowed tannin gives a long-lasting soft silky finish with a delicate hint of vanilla.  

Of volcanic origin, hilly, 280 metres above sea level, south-east and south-west facing
From 14 to 25 years
Sangiovese (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (40%)
3.500 - 4000 plants per hectare
Cordone speronato
6 tons per hectare, 5 after thinning out
Harvesting takes place in mid October, when the grapes have reached their maximum polyphenol potential. Fermentation in cement tanks at 27°C for 8 to 10 days, and further macerating for 10 to 15 days. After racking and malolactic fermentation it rests in French oak barrels for 13 to 16 months, where it develops its delicate bouquet and refines its polyphenol character. After a further period of 3 to 4 months in tanks, it is bottled and left to rest another 12 to 14 months before being put on sale. A wine of notable aging potential, it does not fear time, which on the contrary enhances its characteristics.
It is well suited to main courses of stewed and braised meat, very good too with hard cheeses and those that mature slowly. Recommended too as a wine for meditating! Recommended temperature: 20° C
Ample but with the finest components, delicate in balance but with a depth to take your breath away, it is not afraid of time, it is smoothed by time. It is the calanque, Calanco